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Joe Yazbeck believes that every person brings something unique to the world. He not only believes it; he helps individuals realize and express their own uniqueness by enhancing their abilities to perform and speak as highly respectable leaders. As Bestselling author and Founder of Prestige Leadership Advisors, for over 30 years Joe has mentored heads of state, CEOs of major corporations, high-ranking military officers, best-selling authors and entrepreneurs. Joe’s students praise him for teaching them how to have a vision and motivate people to follow it, how to grow their businesses, and how to significantly influence the world around them.

Leadership coach Joe Yazbeck

Leadership Coach

Leadership, like any other ability or quality, needs to be learned. Just being in a position of leadership doesn’t automatically mean that one can be a successful leader. There are many aspects to being a leader that determine one’s success, such as decision-making, problem solving and team building. Yet, the most important is the ability to communicate – to bring your ideas to reality and to influence and motivate others to follow your cause. Joe Yazbeck has helped thousands of leaders to hone this ability and transform their goals into success.

Bestselling Author

Joe created the internationally successful No Fear Speaking System which offers a host of communications services including executive level speaker training. negotiation skills, media presentations for radio and TV, sales presentations, courtroom/trial presentations. Joe has also authored a best-selling companion book by the same title, No Fear Speaking: High Impact Public Speaking Secrets to Inspire and Influence Any Audience which is an Amazon #1 bestseller.  Training programs, corporate and public workshops, online video trainings and other support materials are also available.

Leadership Advisor

Government and business leaders around the globe seek Joe’s counsel and company’s services at critical times such as PR and strategic direction, media training for launching a new brand, influencing board members, speaking to government committees, winning a political campaign, creating a successful exit strategy or recovering from a loss of confidence.

The crown jewel is Joe’s individual one on one coaching. He achieves results that are noticeable in weeks and become increasingly better with each session. Joe doesn’t just give you business training. He gives you LIFE LESSONS that will help you live better, advance your career, give you more enjoyment at work, with your friends and neighbors at home and in the office regardless of your specific job or your level of experience and expertise. He’s the best! – Marshall Kornblatt,  EVP Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance Companies (retired)

Rave Review of Joe’s Best-Selling Book!

“Forty years ago I received a book titled Tongue and Quill in the processing line of the US Air Force Academy. We were told anything we needed to know about effective communication was between its covers. It remains the definitive reference for USAF officers today. Nevertheless, loaded with wit, humor, and insight, No Fear Speaking challenges T&Q as the ultimate guide for speakers struggling to master the art of reaching an audience.”

Major General David J. Scott
US Airforce (Ret)


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